About Charlie Southwell

My Story

Hi I’m Charlie. I live in Tbilisi, Georgia. (Not the US, the one smack bang between Russia and Turkey, the other side of the Black Sea). Georgia is the birthplace of wine, and has some fantastic mountains!

I enjoy riding my bike, karting and getting out into the mountains and hiking. 

I have two small kids and a wonderful family, and I adore spending time with them – and enjoying the outside when I can.

I have over 13 years experience in digital marketing, SEO, and social media. My preference is to work on projects that have a clear goal, be that cost saving, lead generation, revenue making. 

I truly care about making a long term business impact with the marketing work I commit to.



Looking for new opportunities to help SMEs that are looking to grow fast.


B2B Marketing Director

Joined Let’s Talk Talent, a HR consultancy as Marketing Director. I grew the business year-on-year for 4 years consecutively. The role was all encompassing, but focussed on strategic content marketing, marketing automation and lead generation.


Red Bull UK – Social Media Director

Ran the social media, and social media advertising at Red Bull UK for 6 verticals and across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


BIMA 100

Inducted into the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA 100) as a Strategy Planner.


Set up consultancy

Ran a digital transformation and digital marketing consultancy.


Founded web design agency

Set up and ran a web design and digital marketing consultancy straight out of university.