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Published on April 8th, 2014 | by charliesaidthat


How To Remove Disqus Sponsored Comments From Your Website

Those guys over at Disqus decided it’d be a good idea to try and make money off of their plugin with sponsored comments. Now, I totally understand their thinking but this to me seems like an obtrusive (and ridiculous) means of advertising and since it’s pretty simple to turn off, you might as well.

So without further adieu.

Here’s how to turn off Promoted Discovery & Sponsored Comments:

1. Login to your disqus account: disqus.com/profile/login/

Ads   Settings   Disqus crop

2. Click on settings

3. Click on Ads

4. Unselect the boxes

5. Save – and make your self a great coffee

6. No sponsored comments or promoted content – WIN!!

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  • Lisa

    i cannot see ads tab on my login pls assist and support

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  • BillyIBD

    I see how to disable Promoted Discovery, but I don’t see how to disable Sponsored Comments.

    • caquinovs

      @BillyIBD:disqus I’m stuck too. Did you figure out how to disable Sponsored Comments?

      • https://fabriceleven.com Alex

        i think if you disable the tracking option in settings it opts you out of the program

    • http://bebeeeemeeeeex3444.com Bee Bee

      Same here.

  • Chintu Panda

    Nice Tips. Thanks for sharing I am working for http://www.triendsoftware.com and was looking for these tip since few weeks.

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