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Published on August 25th, 2011 | by charliesaidthat


Twitter Tips: How to use Twitter’s Advanced Search

Search using Twitter’s own (slightly hidden) Advanced Search.

One of Twitter’s best kept secrets is its Advanced Search function.

Refine Refine Refine Your Twitter Searches

The new Twitter advanced search interface should be pretty self explanatory to use, but let me show you some of the cool commands + it has why you might use them.

(You can also get to the advanced search after searching by clicking “refine results”).

Word based searches to find tweets with:

Word or hashtag based searches are fantastic to keep up with the latest discussion around topics. They are for finding out what is happening right now. Use them to keep upto the minute on topics that are important to you and you’re business.

Remember to save searches that you use regularly to save yourself time.

Save Twitter Searches To Become Awesome At Spotting The Latest Trends

People based searches to find tweets:

If you are awesome and already know who the gamechangers are in your industry are  (or perhaps just slightly stalker-ish), this search type is for you. You can keep tabs on the people that matter most. You can find some interesting people, keep tabs on your employees and follow discussions that your key influencers are having.

Location specific searches to find tweets

Location based tweets are super useful for small businesses. If you aren’t already using them, you should be. Just check out all the tweets about Coffee in London right now. I mean… If I were a coffee shop, I’d want to know these people a little better. Also useful for checking to see what your local friends have been upto.

Sentiment based searches to find tweets with:

(great for research on a particular subject)

So [movie -scary :)] would show you search results that are positive about movies, but not scary ones. This search is itself ideal if you are checking out films to take a potential date to (unless ya know… your date might enjoy a horrorific b movie about zombie mermaids).  ;)

Link based searches for tweets with:

If you happen to be a social media manager and you don’t know about filtering links in Twitter you may find this very useful, you can already do this from the Twitter search interface, but why not have some saved searched lined up for when you need to research topics?
click this button to be shown tweets that include links to your desired topics

BONUS: Twitter’s Other Hidden Secrets:

Here are some ways to find and upload some people that you actually already know or people who Twitter thinks you should.

Did you know you can import your LinkedIn contacts to Twitter?


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