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Published on October 25th, 2011 | by charliesaidthat


Twitter Tips: How to Mass Unfollow People on Twitter

How to Mass Unfollow Boring People On Twitter

no boring people allowed
If you work in an agency you might well have inherited a client’s Twitter account that is following 8,000 irrelevant RSS wielding robots (hopefully you didn’t do this yourself!).

Or perhaps over time you followed a bunch of people that you misjudged, or who don’t talk about things you aren’t interested any more…

Hey, well we’ve all been there.

But you don’t need to delete you account to start again. And in fact, you should spring clean your follower list to keep the information that flows in front of you the most relevant to you.

There are plenty of apps to help wipe your slate clean and manage the people you follow in a more manageable way. Let’s take a look.

So, How to Unfollow Everyone on Twitter

I’m going to run through a select few of the apps that I have found useful for managing the people you follow. The list is not exhaustive and hopefully avoids some of the more crumby apps out there.

Social Bro –

I have to admit this is now my tool of choice for unfollowing and Twitter list management.
Social Bro Twitter Unfollowing


  • Great filtering of people.
  • Great UI
  • Tickbox to add/remove people from lists too


  • None, really.


Refollow –


  • Organise your  and unfollow followers very easily using a wide range of filters
  • Manage people on lists effectively – adding and removing en masse.


  • Has a small monthly cost.
  • Firm limits on unfollows per day.


Manage Flitter –



  • Great filtering of people; Inactive, too talkative, too quiet.
  • Does provide a handy list of all the people that don’t follow you back (useful to start an engaging hitlist)
  • + cool searching biographies of your followers.
  • It also has buried away in the dashboard a count of the amount of people that have unfollowed you using manage flitter. (3 to date – *sniff*)


  • Perhaps not as advanced as other alternatives.
  • Unfollows take AGES


Holy Crap!! Where Did All The People Go?
(Or My Twitter Unfollowing Conclusion…)

Basically, don’t be an idiot and follow too many people in the first place, and unfollow people in the stream when you realise they are annoying you. Much like un-subscribing from spam emails… this is easier one at a time rather than 20 at a time.

These tools are useful but more hassle than they are worth.

When pushed…

  • Social Bro is now my tool of choice for selecting accounts to unfollow.
  • Refollow has some amazing list management utilities (great for organising people before unfollowing them).
  • Twit Cleaner has the nicest interface, but takes an age and I found it a bit buggy.
  • Manage Flitter has a couple of awesome little filters that I couldn’t find anywhere else.
Keep your stream clean and useful to you. It is your asset. Remember that.

Edit: Twitcleaner has been shut down *sadface*. It used to be cool.


BONUS Tool: If you want to find out who unfollows you… in a daily digest use Twitdiff


Do you love any other awesome tools? Let me know below.


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  • Punk Curmudgeon is pretty good for checking who does not follow you or is inactive. I also use to track who unfollows me so I can return the favor.

  • danasmuse

    How can I see the list of people I follow from the VERY BEGINNING?

    • Charliesaidthat

      Hey Danamuse,

      There are some really smart things to look at with downloading and backing up your Twitter Followers & Following.

      I recommend looking at this article to make your own copy of the free tool: 
      It should take less than 30 minutes if you read his instructions.



  • Peter Thomson

    I’ve found that JustUnfollow is the most simple. It simply shows you a list of people you follow who don’t follow you, sorted by when you started following them.

    • Charliesaidthat

      Hey Peter,

      Thanks for the tip off. I will go and have a look. :)

  • ambreen11

    Very useful! Thank you :) The Twitter followers who unfollow you after
    you follow them are so damn annoying. You have provided some useful
    links using which now I can detect who these cheeky people are.

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