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Published on December 5th, 2010 | by charliesaidthat


Can Cartoons Stop Child Abuse?

Facebook Cartoon Profile Picture Week

Facebook Simpsons TrollingSo you might have noticed a lot of your friends changing their profile pics to cartoons. Whilst it remains unclear as to whether this is just a game that started in  Greece and Cyprus in mid- November or an actual marketing campaign, it does seem to have morphed into a powerful conversation starter.

We all know that child abuse happens and I am pretty sure that none of us are that happy about it. But we all manage to let it slip out of sight, out of mind and do nothing about it.

Campaign ROI

Whilst on the face of it the campaign isn’t achieving much; I mean most people who change their profile pic to a cartoon won’t be donating to any charities however and quite frankly, by changing your profile picture aren’t saving any children nad it isn’t going to stop people abusing children. I don’t think it is a wasted effort (despite trolls trying to damage the message such as Homer strangling Bart).

People in marketing, advertising and PR are always looking to prove that they have made a positive impact on the ROI, right?

So consider this, it has started conversations about a genuinely hard topic to talk about and whilst its hard to measure raising awareness of a cause I think the fact that it has received natural PR, and starting conversations it has really done some good.

I think this campaign is brilliant! Whether a marketing ploy or just some social good please join in on facebook and why not donate whilst you are at it.

Donate to help stop child abuse today

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