SEO grumpy panda meme: hi, I'm Kevin Wiles. I will kung-seo your ass

Published on April 29th, 2011 | by charliesaidthat


Kevin Wiles – Google Image Search Photo Ranking Project

I rate Kevin Wiles as a young guy with a ton of energy and enthusiasm. So I thought I’d give him a helping hand, and test out my image ranking skills.

I’m going to try and rank a photo of me, which is nothing to do with him in his search results (if Google is as clever as it is supposed to be, it should know that it is me and not Kevin). Below, I will include a photo of him that ranks in his results from other sites, and then I will try and rank a third photo which I made for him, which we’ll also try and rank, why not…

This is not a photo of Kevin Wiles

Kevin Wiles’ Image Search

Kevin Wiles is a young SEO from the UK. There has been an unfortunate kerfuffle over his personal image search results with some adult search image results from tumblr (and other sites) getting through the safe-search filter.


So, I didn’t actually tell Kevin I was writing this post… but maybe he’ll find it if the experiment works. I know which of the three images I hope ranks best…

grumpy panda meme: hi, I'm Kevin Wiles. I will kung-seo your ass

In a wider sense, it’s probably a frustrating surname for this chap too…

Andrew Wiles

Wiles: Noun
Devious or cunning stratagems employed in manipulating or persuading someone to do what one wants.

Oh, where was I? Oh yes… hopefully, helping Kevin Wiles get slightly better Image results.

Kevin Wiles.
Why oh Wiles. Kevin Wiles.
Has anyone heard from Kevin Wiles in a while?
Kevin. Is this you?
Kevin Wiles.
Kevin Wiles.
Kevin Wiles.

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  • Paul Martin

    I like to play this game as well ;)

    I got my photo ranking in the top 6 in just a few days. It then sat in the top 3 for a while and has recently been in first intermittently.

    I actually altered the initial image to a funnier one, but I can’t get google to cache the updated pic… which is annoying!

    Interestingly, the page itself also shot straight in at position 7 as well and has been bobbing around 5-7th ever since

    • charliesaidthat

      Haha, yeah I saw. Yours seem to rank better than mine which is a shame. Got another trick up my sleeve, that may make a difference next week.

      Maybe if yours was linked to from the rest of your site, it may cache better?

      I backdated the post so it didn’t sit on the front of my blog but suspect it would get re-crawled.

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