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Published on March 10th, 2012 | by charliesaidthat


The Only Thing That Matters Is Helping People


Are we solving problems that matter?

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Brian Clark (@copyblogger) wrote this post this week which really resonated with me :

“In business, there’s only one thing I’ve found that really and truly matters:

Helping people.”

Are we really serving our clients by understanding & helping their customers?

Sure, advertising still works to buy up market share, but it’s changing. Google for instance pay $1billion to be default search engine in Safari and $300 million for Firefox.

Fundamentally though, they help people find stuff faster.

Eric Ward (@ericward) highlighted a Scuba Diving company making real business change by advertising on local hotels’ booking confirmations.

They help hotel visitors get better deals. That’s great for hotel visitors and business!

But that’s the advertising way…

When I talk about helping people, (I mean all businesses in one way or another exist for helping people when you break it down).

Social Media is about the human connections and going the extra mile to recommend something outside of your usual scope. Stop chasing the money, stop chasing fame. Start chasing people requesting help, and don’t recommend your own services – help others.

Think about how you can help people.

Next time you’re advertising or marketing your business (social media or not) put helping others at the core of your reason why.

It’ll improve your business.

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