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Using Social Media to Amplify Events

Using social media to amplify events is a fantastic way to make your events more accessible and collect information from your events in ways you never used to be able to.

It’s not just shouting from events using social media…

Things start way before that. You can use social media as part of your ticket sales plan. You can embed social media as part of your event at the registration process. You can create a lot of content from your attendees and speakers before, during and after the event.

So if you want to start amplifying your events more efficently, let’s chat.


OK, so actually I do like tweeting from conferences and other events, sharing valuable knowledge across social media (and occasionally winning prizes).

Alcohol prizes asides, it’s not just about Tweeting. It’s about collecting valuable content from the event for later marketing, it’s about making real relationships that add value to your business, it’s about raising awareness for the next event too, right?

So here is a bunch of other things that we like to put together with livetweeting to create a bigger impact to your business.

– Tweetwalls for displaying at your event to encourage participation
– Photos on Flickr (
@paul_clarke is great at event photography and live uploads)
– Moderation of LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter feeds.
– Outreach to attendees
– Video Interviews / Streaming
– Blog Post Summary of Events / Talks

Here are some of the events I have livetweeted from;

BBC #FastTrain Training Days
4 Talent’s – #4TGenC How To Get A Job In The Media Industry
BIMA Awards – #BIMAawards
Managing Online Reputation with Social Media #SocialPR
Top Tweets from Social Media Advertising – #SMMUK10
My Presentation about Twitter ROI in Manchester October 2011 – #twitterman
BIMA Awards 2013

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