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Published on July 21st, 2011 | by charliesaidthat


I’m a Slave to Google… Not a Digital Marketer

I'm a Slave to GoogleThis week I have been thinking a lot about my role as a digital marketer. Increasingly my role seems to be one of educating clients rather than *doing*. Every time there is a new development I have to relay that information on to clients. Sometimes it goes against what you will have finally trained them to do.

I have been thinking how insane I am to have set up a digital marketing agency (Screendrip – if you were wondering). Because unlike old media types I don’t have any say in the future of the medium I work with, or the platforms that exist on it – AND I dedicate huge amounts of time JUST to keep up with the speed of developments.

In fact, Google made this month the hardest month of my career to date. They are vastly important to my job because here in the UK 92% of search queries are served by Google.

This month Google made the following game changing, err… changes

So what were my thoughts about my role as a digital marketer this month?

Well… Only God knows *ahem!* only Google knows what is coming next and what will be next to die – but for us Digital Marketers, PRs, SEOs and Social Media dudes (or whatever they like to be called now) we don’t have a choice but to keep on learning.

I’m certainly not an expert. Google changes the rules, every single day.

I’m a studious devotee to Google, not yet a scholar

Am I a slave to the Internet Overlords at Google?; an explorer (and BETA tester) of their products and then and only then, may I graduate to being a facilitator of knowledge to my clients.

Should I put that on my business card?

Do you Think Google are going too far? Changing too much, too quick?

Or should we congratulate Google for innovating so quick, to stay ahead of the game?


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Hi I’m Charlie, a digital strategist, I have an interest in social media, SEO, lead acquisition and understanding consumer behaviour to make a definitive difference to the businesses I work with. Find me on: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Linkedin | or just Email Me  

  • Jon Gerrard

    Love the blog, I completely agree. We have two fulltime jobs!

    • Charliesaidthat

      Thanks for the Comment Jon, its a bit bonkers isn’t it?! I want more of the fun implementation of fun creative ideas. Less of the learning/teaching, but all part of the job I suppose. :)

  • Dan Whitehouse

    First of all, great post. We’ve certainly been doing a lot of chasing since February. But I’m sure I’m not alone when there’s only so much chasing any one person / agency / team (whatever!) can do. If Google want to play there games, let them. But when it comes to search, traditional ‘SEO’ as we know it is becoming less and less effective, so online marketers and strategists have to be more creative and think of other ways to extend the brand’s reach. Keep an eye on search and social, but there’s some really creative things coming out from where I’m sitting that don’t involve either!


    • Charliesaidthat

      Thanks for the comment Dan. (and we should totally grab a beer very soon!)

      I completely agree that there is more we can do than ever (and a lot of that doesn’t involve social or SEO). It comes down to pure marketing and creative thinking which frankly will involve the big players somewhere along the line for most businesses/brands.

      Most companies don’t have nice CRM systems in place that you can easily utilise for business intelligence/sales etc. When you can leverage the knowledge they do already have, its super powerful.

      Cheers for getting my brain ticking sir. :)

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  • roxanne bridger

    Great post. Change is good and keeps us on our toes.

    The only people who know what Google are thinking are Google
    themselves and so us digital marketers need to remain creative to stay in the

  • Robert Allport

    Honestly, I think Google need congraulating for speed of innovation. I imagine your job would get pretty boring very quickly if Google stayed static. You’d end up applying exactly the same practices to every site – a kind of rinse and repeat approach. Sad I know, but I like keeping updated with what’s new in the world of SEO as I’m interested in it :)

    • Charliesaidthat

      I certainly love keeping up with developments. I think its great they are innovating! It can be hard to keep clients up-to-date which is the secondary part of our job.

      I think this part is the time consuming and sometimes stressful part.


  • Jiwon Kim

    I like your post pointing the Google’s position in this fast moving trend. Even some experts assert that Facebook won’t last long, I definitely agree that in fact, the trend itself will be stronger ever more than before. In fact, digital marketers of Google should use at most advantages of the external marketer’s influences existing and we should admit that we are now facing a new paradigm of marketing. Yeah, so the answer is we marketing is opened to all and we should keep up the constant social! 

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