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Published on May 23rd, 2012 | by charliesaidthat


Digital Marketing Blogs I Love: Psychology, SEO, Data, UX and Other Smart Cookies

Some of my favourite Digital Marketing Blogs

Whilst this list is just a collection of some of my favourite (mostly) work related blogs I hope some of you will find new reading material to peruse whilst supping at your favourite caffeinated beverages. (See also: my favourite digital strategy books)

I’d also love you to recommended me more smart blogs I should add to Pulse.

There’s quite a range here, though my faves tend to be Psychology or Data focussed.

Happy Reading,

Psychology Blogs

Nir & Far
Nir spends a lot of time talking about habits, triggers and the effects of emotions on behaviour.
Nir & Far Site | RSS |

Conversion XL
Fantastic, in-depth, resourceful posts (usually with great stats and examples) that give actionable recommendations for improving conversions.
ConversionXL Blog | RSS |

Psy Blog
A strong blog that takes a look at persuasion, psychology and emotions. Love the explanations of experiments and keeps me questioning everything.
Psy Blog | RSS |

The Web Psychologist
Natalie writes well referenced succinct posts that are right up my street. Web Psychology. What isn’t there to love?
The Web Psychologist Blog | RSS |

Analytics & Data Analysis Blogs

Avinash Kaushik
Avinash is THE Google Analytics and webdata guru so far as I am concerned. I would be a lot worse off without tapping into his wisdom.
Avinash’s Site | RSS |

Mine That Data – Kevin Hillstrom
A real strong focus on Catalog Marketers & eCommerce, but so much to learn for everybody else from this blog. Understand your target audience segments. Please.
Mine That Data Site | RSS |

MagiC Bean Lab – Mat Morrison
Super smart social media data analysis and usually pretty charts to accompany insights that aren’t always what you’d expect.
Magic Bean Lab Site | RSS |

Emerging Spaces
Some fantastic insights from big brands, a real focus on retail and supermarkets lately. Love.
Emerging Spaces Site | RSS |

Digital Marketing Blogs

The BrandBuilder
He doesn’t just understand Social Media ROI. He wrote THE book on Social Media ROI. Not just all unicorns and rainbows, Olivier can help you understand how to embed social as part of your business.
The Brandbuilder Blog | RSS |

Brian Solis
A social science take on social media. A lot of brain food comes out of this blog whether you agree or not, it gets you thinking. I like that.
Brian Solis’ Site | RSS |

Social Media Explorer
A more practical and often tactical take on what is going on in the social media world. Plenty of actionable tips.
Social Media Explorer Site | RSS |

Smart Insights
Some of the best digital marketing advice I ever got, I got from here. Smart Insights and Dave Chaffey got me through my uni course with flying colours. Thanks. :)
Smart Insights Blog |RSS |

A wealth of well researched news in the digital marketing sphere.
Econsultancy Blog | RSS |


Almost too much great content comes out of SEOMoz, all very “whitehat” and actionable. Whilst it may not always give you the whole picture (spammers are still winning) I love the time saving hacks and community.
SEOMoz Site | RSS |

Some of the brightest SEO practitioner minds, in one company, who share so many tips… it’s hard not to love these guys.
Distilled Blog | RSS |

John Doherty
One of the strongest linkbuilders I know. Busts his balls to share amazing content, regularly and consistently manages to surprise me with new ways of doing things. Great guy to boot.
John Doherty’s SEO Blog | RSS |

SEO Gadget
Another SEO company that regularly generates great content with actionable tips and downloads. Learnt a lot about Excel and myself because of this blog. Highly recommended.
SEOgadget Blog | RSS |

Writings That Make Me Think About The World Differently

Now for something completey different. Paul gets under the skin of public sector data, websites and mobile technology. His writing makes me think about the web in a myriad of different ways. Often political too. Very interesting.
Paul Clarke – Honestly Real Blog | RSS |

In Over Your Head
I’ve only really come across this blog recently, but several posts have made me question how much more transparent and engaging I could be online.
In Over Your Head | RSS |

User Experience & Web Design

The UX Booth
UX Booth for me seems to be leading the way in understanding User Experience and their perspective in design. A great community producing a wealth of ‘mazing content.
UXBooth Site | RSS |

UX Magazine
Often written in a more personable/fun manner than most of the other UX/Designer blogs I look at. UXmag have great visuals and back up the majoirty of points with great case examples. Awesome.
UX Magazine Site | RSS |

Was recommended this site recently and have found it to be rather useful. Certainly worth a look for your usability and conversion rate needs.
Usabilla Site | RSS |

Smashing Magazine
Personally I love smashing mag for its typography and usability sections. But there is so much awesome there you can’t dismiss much of their stuff (although for me responsive needs to shush for a bit).
Smashing Mag Site | RSS |

Six Revisions
Has loads of resources and actionable tips for people who need to cheat at design (yup, I shouldn’t be allowed crayons – let alone photoshop).
Six Revisions Site | RSS |

About the Author

Hi I’m Charlie, a digital strategist, I have an interest in social media, SEO, lead acquisition and understanding consumer behaviour to make a definitive difference to the businesses I work with. Find me on: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Linkedin | or just Email Me  

  • Douglas Karr

    Fantastic list, I hope we can make your next list with the Marketing Tech Blog!

    • charliesaidthat

      Thanks Douglas, I will certainly have a look and keep in touch. :)

      What other blogs are influencing you?

      • Douglas Karr

        Marketing Pilgrim does a great job at aggregating the latest news that marketers may wish to know about.  I also love Social Media Examiner and Social Media Explorer.  Jay Baer is another friend and guru.  And Mari Smith!

        • charliesaidthat

          Thanks Douglas. Some treats there. :)

  • Jackie Hutchings

    Excellent list – all in one place… lots of new ones to explore … I think I’ll have to clip you to Evernote :-)

    • charliesaidthat

      Hurrah! you’ll enjoy several of these Jackie. I should imagine the Psychology ones will really get you going. Lots of content around habits! :))

      Which other blogs should I be reading?

      • Jackie Hutchings

        Mine!!! Especially since I’ve had the itinerary for Queensland!!!!! Seriously though, I read Seth Godin’s blog every day – he’s a genius. 

        • charliesaidthat

          I do like Seth Godin, although… I found after reading some of his books he gets way too samey.

        • harsh vardhan dutta

          Another one worth noting is

  • Jackie Hutchings

    Nir & Far is proving to be invaluable.  Great piece posted yesterday about how people change habits.   

  • AdMMM

    Of all the “Best Of” lists that I’ve come across, I have to thank you for going to the trouble of including links to follow these blog authors on Twitter! Kudos.

    • charliesaidthat

      Thanks Sir. Do try to add value… now must try and get back into the swing of things and get writing again.

  • BrewSEO

    You just made my life infinitely more useful (and somewhat more time-consumed.) 

  • Peter Thomson

    The number of these that I already follow is like some sort of “interest graph” personality profile. Excellent list!

    • charliesaidthat

      Thanks Peter. Would love some recommendations from you. Who did I miss?

  • Dr Mathew McDougall

    Hi Charlie

    Wanted to highlight “Digital Marketing Inner Circle” as a blog that focuses on Chinese (and broadly Asian) digital marketing efforts. This is an English language blog that may help Western marketers know more about this unique digital marketing landscape. Here is the URL for convenience:

    Cheers Matt

  • Stepan Farkas

    Great list Charlie, thanks for posting this. Btw how do you manage to read them all? I struggle sometimes these days, I have a creeping feeling that I’m drowning in information. I want to read every article that interests me but sometimes it results only in many open tabs in the browser…

    • charliesaidthat

      Hey Stephan,

      I highly recommend that you set up an account with an RSS reader, something like flipboard, reeder, pulse or something similar.

      I find that I can dip in and out of reading articles that interest me on the tube, or down time over a coffee.

      • Stepan Farkas

        Hey Charlie,

        thanks for the advice! heading to set up my reeder right now.

  • Kristy Papay

    I am looking to thought leaders in Digital Marketing to follow on twitter and this list was very helpful! THANKS

  • SneakyMedia

    Great list mate, seems you’re popping up all over my feeds!

    • charliesaidthat

      Cheers. Come chat on Twitter. :)

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  • Charise Stevens

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