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Published on April 8th, 2011 | by charliesaidthat


#ItsNotMuch Charity Auction – “THE Ultimate Business Starter Package”

#itsnotmuch tshirt

My good friends Gareth (@CSSgareth) & Darren (@EtcEtcOnline) set up to send donations to assist the people of Japan. They have already raised over £3000 on ShelterBox, (and you can still donate).

They aren’t stopping there though. To hit their £10,000 goal they have put together something extraordinary exclusively through Twitter. They have sourced a ‘business box’ worth well over £7,000 from a whole bunch of people aimed at transforming a start-up business – which is up for grabs on ebay.

For those who want to know what the true ROI of Social Media is; you have to understand relationships and the power of community within these networks.

This is Social Media ROI.

This is Community.

And, It’s not much.

Bid now on The ‘Ultimate’ Business Starter package

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The Ultimate Start Up Business Box

The #Itsnotmuch business box is jammed pack full of top notch services that will help any business:

disclaimer: yes, we are giving away our services as part of this fantastic package.


Photos courteousy of Belinda McCarthy

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  • Darren Leighfield

    Charlie it’s great of you to support the cause in the way you have. You like so many people have made our pursuit possible, with generous donations and spreading the word. That’s what I love about twitter !!

    • Charliesaidthat

      You are more than welcome Darren. Its fantastic to see small business owners like yourself being altruistic and using social media. Thanks for stepping up and doing something and I’m proud to be a part of it.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks a million for the blog post. Let’s do this! :)

    • Charliesaidthat

      More than welcome sir, thanks a million for doing this. :)

  • Charlotte Beckett

    Great idea guys (though not sure why membership to a dating site is included….) Good luck with the auction.

    • Anonymous

      Very good point. I think it’s more who it’s from rather than how it’s applicable :)

    • Charliesaidthat

      yeah. ^_^

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